Welcome to the A.R.C Keystone Biology WikiEdit

This is a list of resources for A.R.C. Students to help prepare students for the Keystone Biology Exam. These resources are standards aligned and have been either generated by William E. Donges III, the A.R.C. Curriculum Designer and Service Learning Coordinator, or compiled by him from various websites.

NYS Regents Information Edit

New York State has been doing high stakes graduation testing for many more years then pennsylvania and their common core aligned standards for biology are published online. The material in the regents exam is the same as the keystone and actually has somewhat greater depth. If your student knows what the Regent's covers they can pass the Keystone as well.

This document covers what a student must know from the student perspective.

PDE Assessment Anchors / Sample Questions Edit

The Assessment Anchors and Sample Questions for the Keystone Biology exam are available from their PDE Website.

Miller-Levine Digitized Edit

The entire text of Miller Levine Full Student Edition has been digitized. (This is not the Core Edition but the complete version and may differ slightly from the current printed form). This is not a substitute for the bound text but can augment it. You can print out sections that student may mark up and take notes on freely. This is also of use if their are insufficient classroom copies for your current student load. 


Google Drive Shared FolderEdit

A Google Drive Shared Folder has been set up to upload files and material and download it freely among wiki users.

Note: You need a free Google / Gmail account if you want to upload or download files.

Other Schools and Districts Edit

Many other schools and districts have produced lessons and assessment material (sone of it designed for self guided instruction) online. New material will be added to this list as time allonws.

Haverford School District - Put out this study guide and answer key.

Agora Cyber Charter School  - Teachers put out this crash course and vocabulary reference cards.

Palisades School District  Links to common core prep materials for end of course exams in our own and several other neighboring states.

Peters Township School District - Lessons and materials including powerpoints and review packets for specific anchors

Nazareth High School and Nazareth Area School District - Offer material for prep for all of the Keystone exams including Biology and Algebra.

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